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Manage Your Risk at the Speed of AI

AI innovation is advancing at an incredible pace. Keeping up doesn't have to mean compromising on compliance or risk exposure.

AI Guardian's AI governance platform ensures you can adopt AI swiftly while maintaining oversight of critical policies and standards across your business.

AI Guardian Empowers You to Confidently Adopt AI

It's hard to keep pace with AI innovations and mounting regulatory pressures. AI Guardian makes it easy to ensure your AI efforts meet legal, business and values-driven requirements to minimize risk while maximizing AI's full potential. 

Magnifying glass representing the visibility that AI Guardian provides to help companies with AI Oversight and Governance

AI Oversight & Governance

Maintain complete visibility to all your AI use cases. Detect and resolve issues before they escalate, ensuring effectiveness, robustness and ROI for your AI efforts.

Three people around a gear representing working with third parties and the associated risk that needs to be managed

Third-Party AI Risk Management

Assess and manage compliance of third-party AI partners (like ChatGPT), so you have confidence that any vendor solution is aligned with your AI policies and standards.

Series of footsteps representing the steps an AI project moves through that need to be tracked

IP Provenance Tracking

Protect AI-assisted IP outputs from Day 1 with our detailed provenance tracking system that connects machine-facilitated innovation to human-efforts. 

Policy image representing the policy intelligence that AI Guardian provides to help companies adopt risk management frameworks and comply with regulations

Policy Intelligence & Compliance

Built-in policy intelligence that helps you adopt the latest AI risk management frameworks and comply with rapidly changing regulations, standards and guidelines.

Clipboard with checklist and an alert representing a risk assessment

Risk Assessments & Mitigation Plans

Utilize comprehensive AI risk assessments and mitigation plans

  • Benchmarked to the NIST AI Risk Management Framework

  • Calibrated to your organization's risk tolerance profile across key AI risk pillars (regulatory, legal, organizational, reputational & ethical)

AI Guardrails that Let You Move Fast

Businesses are moving quickly to take advantage of the benefits of AI. Time matters, but so do guardrails. Companies that move fast while managing their risk will outperform their peers.

To achieve this balance, businesses need to embrace an AI governance and compliance system that empowers all the functions and employees striving for AI-enabled innovation and performance improvement.

Control | Manage | Empower | Accelerate

Mitigate AI-Related Risks with AI Governance by Design

AI leadership is essential for every business.


But associated business risks can escalate quickly

Service Name

Service Name

Service Name

Open book icon representing regulatory risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI)


Regulatory infractions tied to data privacy, transparency and accountability

Gavel icon representing legal risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI)

IP provenance challenges or infringement, data/security breaches

Gear icon Open book icon representing the operational risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI)


Disclosure of proprietary information and business disruption

Thumbs up with stars icon representing the reputational or brand risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI)


Customer backlash to poorly implemented AI efforts


Scales of justice with a human hand icon representing the ethical risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI)

Implementation leading to bias and fairness exposure

The Numbers Tell the Story


Countries Banning or Resticting AI


Companies Banning or Restricting ChatGPT


Enacted & Proposed AI Regulations


Active AI Intellectual Property Lawsuits

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Today's AI decisions will determine tomorrow's market leaders. In five years, will you be leading or struggling to catch up?

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