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Our Mission

Responsible AI for every business is our mission.


AI has the potential to accelerate innovation and business performance for every business and every function. Our focus is on managing the risks that are unique to AI and its adoption so that all businesses can reach their full potential by leveraging AI. Ensuring that AI is safe, secure, monitored, compliant, auditable and ethically deployed across all teams will ensure maximum return on AI investments and lead to incredible advancements that benefit those we serve.


Why AI Governance?

At AI Guardian, our mission is to help every company manage its risk at the speed of AI. Technology waves bring great promise with them, but they also bring related challenges and risks that need to be managed as diligently as the advancement of the technology itself.


As the founder of AI Guardian, I’m deeply committed to turning these challenges into opportunities. Our solutions enable companies to harness the power of AI in a responsible manner, mitigating risks while maximizing benefits. To me, this isn’t just about selling software – it’s about pioneering a pathway towards responsible AI utilization. It’s about empowering companies to innovate confidently and responsibly, knowing they have the best tools at their disposal to manage the unique complexities that AI brings with it.


That’s why I started this company, and that’s why our mission is so critical – to be at the forefront of safeguarding the future of AI, and to ensure that its immense potential can be realized in a way that’s effective, ethical and equitable for all.

- Chris Hackney, Founder and CEO

Experienced Leadership

Our co-founders bring over 30 years of B2B SaaS solution experience to AI Guardian. Much of their work has focused on leading-edge product, data and engineering solutions with emphasis on scaled data science and machine learning applications in emerging applications. Our work at the forefront of social, data privacy, influencer marketing, and new consumer categories has provided robust knowledge of category trends and how governance and compliance becomes a vital guardrail in innovative fields.

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